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The Biltmore Hotel
SwingfitAI has Arrived at our Miami-Coral Gables, Florida Location!
With the world’s first-of-its-kind AI-powered golf club fitting software, and PGA-certified fitter, David Adler, our team will utilize Trackman plus Gears optical motion tracking to measure the body and club throughout the swing. SwingFit’s proprietary AI fitting algorithm to interpret over 30,000 data points per swing. This incremental data allows SwingFit to identify the best possible head and shaft combination for your swing with a goal to help better shots more consistently.
Meet our team

Gorgeous Biltmore Golf Course Location,
Top PGA Certified Pros, & The Best Outdoor Fitting in the Miami Area.
Latest fitting technology
PGA-certified fitters
Award winning custom professionals
Brand Agnostic
Wide range of premium products
SwingFit’s top priority is fitting and building clubs that help golfers of all skill levels to maximize their potential. Our data-driven fittings are performed by experienced fitters and leverage our extensive matrix of club heads and shafts from all the major manufacturers. We have over 25,000 potential combinations from all the major manufacturers so you get to test and feel the exact setup you will put into play.
SwingFit Clubs
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